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Nourishing the mind and bodies of those teaching our most precious.

Honour Wellness for Teachers is for you. A space dedicated to your health and wellbeing, We are a bunch of driven teachers, passionate, dedicated and inspired  to providing our children with rich learning experiences, to be able to provide this each and every day our health and wellbeing needs to come first! 

Honour Wellness provides teachers and support staff with a wealth of knowledge in one easy to access and affordable place. Dedicated to the interests and needs of teaching within the Honour Wellness portal you will find information on wellness topics specially tailored to teachers, including:

Health, breathing techniques, stress relief, skin health, dressing for happiness, emotional triggers, the art of listening to our bodies, how our childhood triggers different feelings/ emotions in our teaching, the importance of nature, brain science,  fitness, sports and activities, nutrition, cooking, finances, goal setting, heart health, relaxation and many many more! 

Let's create a community empowering each other, celebrating teachers, to focus on what WE can change, reminding us to live in the moment, slow down and honour ourselves.

Teachers are the heart of your centre/ school; belonging, welbeing, contribution, communication and exploration needs to apply to us too.

Join our Community

What we offer you. An Honour Wellness membership gives you exclusive access to webinars every month on a topic crucial to the wellbeing of teachers. You'll also enjoy daily tips and tricks from well known practitioners in their fields. We know each teacher has unique needs so there will be a wide range of topics and experts, connecting teachers to health and lifestyle knowledge specific to them. Our professional practitioner list is constantly expanding, allowing us to add more and better offerings to honour our teachers on their journey and find the balance that they strive for.

Our lastest webinar hosts

Put yourself first, empower yourself- these are my happiness triggers and webinars coming soon. Nina Kennett Life Coach and Emotional Body Therapist at Nina Kennett Nina grew up living a holistic lifestlye so it's always been in her blood to nourish her body with good food and look after herself, learning even more about how to nourish her mind and soul has helped her understand the many trauma's she faced in her life. She has done the work to free herself from physical pain and blocked emotions relating to past accidents, injuries and her childhood. Nina has amazing information regarding managing our emotions in stressful/ busy classrooms, helping us to read our bodies and what it is telling us and nervous system regulation. Tawna Woods Wanaka Body's Personal and Group fitness trainer Tawna Woods is all about leading a healthy lifestyle and ensuring you feel good about yourself. To feel happy in your own skin, in your mind and body. She understands exercise looks different to everyoone and at different times in our lives, and the power of listening to your own body and what works best for YOU. Tawna has experienced burn out and will talk about the strategies she used to recover as well as exercise and lifestyle tips you can takeaway for your own life. "I want everyone to be the best versions of themselves"

The Honour Wellness Story

How We Got Our Start and why we enhance, your, health, wellness and lifestyle.

Becca Hawkins

"Hi I'm Becca a qualified and registered Early Childhood Teacher with a background in health, nutrition and fitness and mum of three from Wanaka NZ, this idea has been created after years of listening, feeling and observing our industry and the challenges it faces! Teaching our most precious children brings so much joy and passion to me, I am so grateful to teach these amazing little people and I have created a space of support for teachers of all years. I have sadly said goodbye to many fabulous teachers over the past couple of years, leaving for other professions, listening to many stories of burn out and have been a shoulder to cry on so this has been in the making for a couple of years and I am so grateful for the support to enable this space to happen. At Honour Wellness we believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, inspiration and good health. These feelings inform and guide our core services and practices at Honour Wellness for Teachers, as we focus on supporting teachers improve their level of happiness. We offer a membership to focus on you! To honour yourself. We aim to help all of our teachers with healthier and happier bodies, minds and spirits, there is so much we can do to make a difference to our personal experience and energy, "We see you We hear you We empower you Honour : Great respect for somebody, something you are very proud to do, knowing and doing what is morally right (Oxford dictionary)

"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Contact Us

We love feedback and ideas, as teachers you totally get that! So flick us a message of ideas you would like to know about or to celebrate someone you know who can provide us with knowledge. We would love to hear from you regarding sponsorship enquiries or if you have knowledge to share with teachers.

Thank you for getting in touch!

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